[lms-en] Re: Tax Bureau ID

Łukasz Jarosław Mozer lukasz at rulez.pl
Fri Jan 19 21:42:05 CET 2007

Hi all.

A.L.E.C wrote:

> I'm sure there is Czech localization (maybe not finished). I've seen
> working LMS in that language (hmm, a 2-3 months ago), but I don't
> remember who show me it. I'll try to find email address. Really, I'm not
> so sure, maybe that was slowacki... Nie, czeski ;)

Slovakian? Whatever.

So, maybe another LMS meeting, this time at Prague, Czech Republic?

BTW. Libor, can you give me some tips where to stay in prague in may
for few days? Of course i'm looking for some cheap place :)
Łukasz Jarosław Mozer
mailto: lukasz at rulez.pl

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