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Sat Oct 23 19:28:17 CEST 2010


   N-ai putea pune, pt. card-ul 4 port-ul 11, in loc de 11/4... 411 (sau

2010/10/21 Munteanu Alexandru <munteanu.alexandru at yahoo.com>

> Hello
>  I really need your help. I need to add new node in lms 1.11.10 Kri, and
> the field for "port number in device" (next to network device drop-down
> list), accept only integer number.
>  You would say "of course it's an integer number when did you saw a switch
> with 24,5 ports". Well i have equipments like Dslam-s who have like 4card
> and each of them with 24 ports. So in that 'port' field in need to enter
> strings like '11/4' (witch means port 11 in card 4).
>  If i put string 'like 11/4' in mysql database at port field, it works it
> show me at node information port '11/4' but when i try to add from lms
> interface a new node it automate make it '11' instead of '11/4'.
>  All i need is to tell me in witch file do i need to modify something to
> lms accept exact string that i enter in 'port' field, also what to modify.
>  Thank you very very much and i hope you can response me in short time i
> really really need this help.
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