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M-am gandit la asta, programul e pentru un proiect mai mare si cand am propus asa ceva mi s-a spus ca echipele de teren se vor incurca ca ei toti anii pana acum au lucrat asa. ideea e ca nu ma supar ca nu mai corespunde faptul ca un nod nu mai e bagat intr-un anumit port intr-un echipament in program doar sa arate ca 4/11.

 Eu am bagat din mysql in fieldul port 4/11 si in program apare 4/11 foarte ok, dar nu pot la fiecare nod nou sa tot intru in mysql sa il trec de mana. Prin urmare trebuie sa gasesc algoritmul din fisierul de configurare care introduce datele in mysql si anume portul

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   N-ai putea pune, pt. card-ul 4 port-ul 11, in loc de 11/4... 411 (sau ceva)?

2010/10/21 Munteanu Alexandru <munteanu.alexandru at yahoo.com>


 I really need your help. I need to add new node in lms 1.11.10 Kri, and the field for "port number in device" (next to network device drop-down list), accept only integer number.

 You would say "of course it's an integer number when did you saw a switch with 24,5 ports". Well i have equipments like Dslam-s who have like 4card and each of them with 24 ports. So in that 'port' field in need to enter strings like '11/4' (witch means port 11 in card 4).

 If i put string 'like 11/4' in mysql database at port field, it works it show me at node information port '11/4' but when i try to add from lms interface a new node it automate make it '11' instead of '11/4'.

 All i need is to tell me in witch file do i need to modify something to lms accept exact string that i enter in 'port' field, also what to modify.

 Thank you very very much and i hope you can response me in short time i really really need this help.


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