[lms-commits] CVS update of lms/doc/html/en (daemon-modules.html)

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Pon, 20 Wrz 2010, 14:23:38 CEST

Date: Monday, September 20, 2010 @ 14:23:38
Author: alec
Path: /cvsroot/lms/doc/html/en

Modified: daemon-modules.html

- lmsd/dns: fix for situation when database contains subnetworks of a network,
  so reverse entries in named.conf are not duplicated and hosts entries are
  placed in one file for all subnetworks

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Index: lms/doc/html/en/daemon-modules.html
diff -u lms/doc/html/en/daemon-modules.html:1.48 lms/doc/html/en/daemon-modules.html:1.49
--- lms/doc/html/en/daemon-modules.html:1.48	Mon Jun 21 10:58:15 2010
+++ lms/doc/html/en/daemon-modules.html	Mon Sep 20 14:23:38 2010
@@ -2135,11 +2135,11 @@
 >Entry for each reverse zone in main configuration file.
-                   Default: 'zone "%c.in-addr.arpa" { \ntype master; \nfile "reverse/%i"; \nnotify yes; \n}; \n'.</P
+                   Default: 'zone "%c.in-addr.arpa" { \ntype master; \nfile "reverse/%c"; \nnotify yes; \n}; \n'.</P
 >Example: <SAMP
->conf-revers-entry = 'zone "%c.in-addr.arpa" { \n\ttype master; \n\tfile "reverse/%i"; \n\tnotify yes; \n}; \n'</SAMP
+>conf-revers-entry = 'zone "%c.in-addr.arpa" { \n\ttype master; \n\tfile "reverse/%c"; \n\tnotify yes; \n}; \n'</SAMP

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