[Lms-dev] How to join to LMS development team

A.L.E.C alec w alec.pl
Czw, 29 Maj 2008, 08:17:21 CEST

Miroslav Kopecek wrote:
> Hi,
>    we are using LMS for a long time as a primary and central system in 
> our ISP association. For having covered our needs we made some changes 
> to the LMS and we was added some features useful for us both to the 
> LMS and Userpanel. But there is problems with transfering it to new 
> LMS versions over and over again. you know...
> For now, we are planing some bigger project - complete system for 
> generating nagios configuration from LMS database. The larger changes 
> to LMS will be necessary so we want to ask if there is posibility to 
> make our development under HEAD version of the LMS.  We don't want to 
> stay on branch forever and we think, that this changes can be useful 
> globally.
> So, let me know, please, if there is a way....

It's simple. First, send here some patches. Translation would be the 
best for start ;) You can also discuss on the list your propositions for 
new features and how to implement them. Would be nice if you write 
something about your(s) programming skills. Then we could give you a 
write access to the repository.

ps. make patches for HEAD

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