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konrad rzentarzewski konrad at rzentarzewski.net
Wed May 25 20:40:49 CEST 2005

20/05/05, messie from [ A.L.E.C ] ...

> Did you read documentation? Standing payment it's not customer payment to
> you but it's your company payment to others. So it's not concerned with
> invoices. Use standing payments if you pay on each week/month/quarter/year/
> a charge (with constant value) for internet link, domain or sth (to not
> forget about them and have order in LMS finances).

oh, by the way. finances. i haven't touched this part while updating and
correcting translation, due i have no clue about how accounting works
(even in PL, not talking about english terms).

so "Standing payment", as others, while it might be a dictionary
translation, it might be pointless for non-PL speaking (wannabe) user.

so, to make long story short, if you don't get anything, that LMS tells
you, please ask, because it might be not you, but just imperfection in
translation (quote those strings/documentation to help to resolve it

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