[lms-en] Re: reset ID numbering of network devices

Dan Broscoi brosky at gmail.com
Thu Jun 29 09:43:02 CEST 2006

i don't fully understand your question (i mean, why do you need it), but,
you can do it easy by editing your sql table with phpmyadmin.

In any case, you should be carefull , because :

if($device = $DB->GetOne('SELECT id FROM netdevices ORDER BY id ASC'))

so, if you do a reindex of netdevices, it will trash your map generation...

On 6/28/06, dodo54 at quick.cz <dodo54 at quick.cz> wrote:
> Hello, i need change-renumber ID of net device? Now i was delete some net
> device and next entry start from ID "048"...How to set: start from 001 ???
> Sincerelly,jiri

Dan Broscoi
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