[lms-en] Registration Form

Marek Soha - intrak.sk soha at intrak.sk
Thu Sep 21 02:16:07 CEST 2006


At first, I must say that this project is so good and  im so lucky
that somebody is working on something like this.

We are large campus and now we are experimenting with management

LMS is better from all, but we are expecting one feature. Registration
form for users.
When somebody want to connect, he write the form with MAC, Name,
Surname, Address ant from that must be generated 1.) logins 2.)
If somebody wrote module like this, i will be very glad when he write
me :)

Looking forward to replies.

Have a nice day
S prianim pekneho dna

 ,_,    Marek Soha
(O,O)   Student FEI, Odbor Informatika, TU Kosice
(   )   marek at snet.sk soha at intrak.sk 146-284-791

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