[lms-en] What happend with lms.rulez.pl?

Łukasz Jarosław Mozer lukasz at netx.waw.pl
Sat Feb 17 02:46:43 CET 2007

Hello everybody!

[sorry, but my english skills aren't very well]


The server that has been hosting lms.rulez.pl for last few years has
fallen down. How and why doesn't really matter right now. It's not
the place for discuss it.

So, there's are few changes.

I have bought lms.org.pl domain, so everything related to lms.org.pl
is now hosted under this url.

www.lms.org.pl is now official homepage for LMS, so everybody that
can, please, update your bookmarks and links, and of course share
with this information with everybody that may be intersted in that.
Of course painting wall with that information isn't very good idea,
but placing sticker on back of your cars are welcome :)

New mailing lists addresses:

lms at lists.lms.org.pl - standard, polish users list
lms-dev at lists.lms.org.pl - developer list (polish)
lms-commits at lists.lms.org.pl - commits list
lms-en at lists.lms.org.pl - english users list
lms-support at lists.lms.org.pl - support list (polish)

Web interface, archives, etc for mailing lists are available under

Bug Tracking System also have been moved to http://bts.lms.org.pl.

If you have problems while logging into lms, look into
lib/LMS.class.php, and look for those lines:

if($content = fetch_url('http://lms.rulez.pl/update.php?uiid='.$uiid.'&v='.$v))
$url = 'http://lms.rulez.pl/register.php?uiid='.$uiid.'&name='.$name.'&url='.$url.($hidden == TRUE ? '&hidden=1' : '');

In both of them, replace lms.rulez.pl with register.lms.org.pl - this
is already in CVS repository, also, new stable version have been
released with fixed URL's.

CVS repositore can be viewed at http://cvs.lms.org.pl.

Repository path is now :pserver:cvs at cvs.lms.org.pl:/cvsroot

If you wish to fix it on your local copy of lms, do:

cd [lms_sources_dir]
find -name "Root" -exec perl -pi -e 's,\@[^:]+:/home/cvsroot,\@cvs.lms.org.pl:/cvsroot,g' {} \;

Also, there's wiki under construction at http://wiki.lms.org.pl -
it's polish right now, but i'm opened for sugestions about starting
in other languages. If somebody is interesed to manage wiki in it's
own language, contact with me!

Also, i'm looking for CMS sollution for our webpage, that will handle
multiple languages. If we manage to move website to CMS powered site,
i will also seek for people that will handle other language versions
of our webpage.

And, of course - we still seeking translators!

Best regards.
Łukasz Jarosław Mozer
lukasz at netx.waw.pl

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