[lms-en] link MRTG graph of customers

Nabin Limbu nabinlimbu at gmail.com
Fri Mar 27 07:01:12 CET 2009


I already have MRTG graph for all customers. All I would like to do is
associate a MRTG link to each customers. Is there any way to link in LMS ?

With Regards
Nabin Limbu

Tickets <http://lms.himaltech.com/?m=rtsearch&id=60> [image: [ Tickets
]] Accounts
[image: [ Accounts ]] <http://lms.himaltech.com/?m=accountlist&u=60> Domains
[image: [ Domains ]] <http://lms.himaltech.com/?m=domainlist&c=60>
Stats [image:
[ Stats ]]<http://lms.himaltech.com/?m=trafficprint&type=customertraffic&customer=60>
[image: [ Edit ]] <http://lms.himaltech.com/?m=customeredit&id=60>
Delete [image:
[ Delete ]] <http://lms.himaltech.com/?m=customerdel&id=60>

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