[lms-en] How to add custom items to invoices?

Jan Sritter sritter at pe3ny.net
Wed Apr 4 13:18:09 CEST 2012


We use the LMS for nearly 10 years. Invoices, however, we dealt separately. The system will transfer each month Liabilities to Cash and our own program transfer all the Cash items and assembled them an invoice.

Now I try to use the existing LMS as well as billing and I have troubles. I expected that the daemon lms-payments transfer Liabilities to Cash and other daemon lms-sendinvoces transfer Cash to Invoices and distribute them. But not so. Lms-payments transfers Liabilites to Cash and also create invoices. So, then I ask:

 1) where (table) the robot can be write required payment to customers (such as a VoIP phone, which each month at varying amounts)
 2) how to change an already issued invoice
 3) where and how items are identified, which have been or which have not been invoiced
 4) what is the [payments] / check_invoices
 5) what is the difference between open and closed invoice

Thank for any suggestions

P.S. IMHO is better way create invoices from cash (not from liabilities), why does not this LMS?

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