[lms-en] How to add custom items to invoices?

Tomasz Chiliński tomasz.chilinski at chilan.com
Wed Apr 4 13:33:12 CEST 2012

W dniu 04.04.2012 12:18, Jan Sritter napisał(a):
> Hello


> We use the LMS for nearly 10 years. Invoices, however, we dealt
> separately. The system will transfer each month Liabilities to Cash
> and our own program transfer all the Cash items and assembled them an
> invoice.

Congratulations! ;-)

> Now I try to use the existing LMS as well as billing and I have
> troubles. I expected that the daemon lms-payments transfer 
> Liabilities
> to Cash and other daemon lms-sendinvoces transfer Cash to Invoices 
> and
> distribute them. But not so. Lms-payments transfers Liabilites to 
> Cash
> and also create invoices. So, then I ask:
>  1) where (table) the robot can be write required payment to
> customers (such as a VoIP phone, which each month at varying amounts)

You can use tariff type for this purpose. I've added phone and tv 
types lately.

>  2) how to change an already issued invoice

Edit invoice.

>  3) where and how items are identified, which have been or which have
> not been invoiced

Truly, there is no such connection.

>  4) what is the [payments] / check_invoices

If check_invoices is set, script tries to mark closed as many invoices 
as possible.

>  5) what is the difference between open and closed invoice

There are no special differencies besides of limited of operation on 
such invoices.

> Thank for any suggestions
> P.S. IMHO is better way create invoices from cash (not from
> liabilities), why does not this LMS?

LMS creates invoices based on tariffs and liabilities. Would be rather
difficult to create invoices from cash table.

Tomasz Chiliński, Chilan

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