[lms-en] Radius-sql.conf

Tomasz Chiliński tomasz.chilinski at chilan.com
Tue Jul 17 19:23:19 CEST 2012

W dniu 17.07.2012 19:13, Jelle napisał(a):
> Hi all,

Hi Jelle,

> Were using LMS for some years now and it has solved a lot of issues
> for us! Thanks for that to all the devs!
> [offtopic]
> Were using LMS in combination (automatic syncing) with a freeRadius
> server, a webserver and our pfSense firewall for MAC authentication,
> DNS and DHCP. If there is any interest I can submit some scripts weve
> build over the years.[/offtopic]

it's worthy, because someone will be able to use it in future (using 
mailing list

> Ontopic
> I want to use freeRadius with LMS since I saw the radius-sql.conf 
> that
> comes with LMS (1.11.11). My question is how I should implement this
> in LMS. Where should I begin? What should I exactly do? What does the
> radius-sql.conf actually add to LMS and is it possible to directly 
> add
> data to the radius-sql tables from within LMS?

In my opinion it's better to use rlm_perl module. This allows to 
all radius configuration aspects according to LMS database schema.
The only thing which one can need, is to prepare perl script which 
authorize, authenticate and account customers nodes, provider devices, 

> Thanks in advance!
> Best,
> Jelle
> (Groningen, Netherlands)

Tomasz Chiliński, Chilan

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