[lms-en] Fwd: How can I add new network interface (USB RJ45 to LMS

Jelle Langbroek jelle at ouderkz.nl
Mon Dec 22 20:31:06 CET 2014



You can use the interface in the IP Networks section of LMS and assign
IP subnet, DHCP range, gateway, etc to it. You'll have to make the
interface work in Debian itself first of course (so make the eth1
interface run with a static IP and designated subnet, route, etc in
/etc/networking/interfaces first because LMS doesn't control that) 

After that you can run the lms-makedhcpconf and lms-makehosts scripts to
create a dhcpd.conf out of the LMS database. lms-makehosts is for
creating a /etc/hosts file for DNS. 

You'll want isc-dhcp-server installed with apt-get. 

Good luck! 

Best regards, 

- Jelle 

On 22-12-2014 15:31, Mariusz Ciszewski wrote: 

> Hello 
> My LMS is installed on Debian 6.0 on Terminal HP 5540. 
> There is only one RJ45 (eth0) interface on it. 
> Now I connected new USB-RJ45 card. 
> For test I can do this using console: ifconfig eth1 up (and it works properly). 
> But how can I add this interface to LMS? 
> Do I have to edit manually /etc/network/interfaces to config this intergace (to give him static IP address, gateway, DNS) or is it possible to do directly from LMS www panel? 
> I would like to eth1 forks as LAN interface (eth0 is my WAN interface). 
> I would like to run DHCP on eth1 (IP addresses range: ... 
> Could you please support me? 
> Thats are my first steps with LMS. 
> Thank you very much and best regards. 
> Mariusz 
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